Living Jordan

Insights into The Unknown

OffTrail Adventures
Jordan offers great opportunities of real adventures, starting from walking magnificent and long narrow passage through the rock formation like hiking, climbing, canyons, Trek & Walk to sporty activities in most magnificent place in Wadi Rum Desert like dunes buggy, microlight, hot air balloon to the water lovers of diving, snorkel, and scuba in Aqaba.

Nature Lovers
We are nature lovers, having the passion for the environment, so we bring you closer look to trees, birds, flowers, streams, waterfalls, peaks, rocks, mountains, valleys and most importantly the hidden Nature beauties of Jordan.
Jordan has many natural reserves such as:
– Azraq Wetland reserve
– Dana Biosphere Reserve
– Mujib Nature Reserve
– Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

Timeline of Ancient World History
Jordan bears the traces of many an ancient civilizations and kingdoms which are spread in its small land long long long time ago… Three stable kingdoms were Ammon, Moab, and Edom. Later rulers include the Nabataean Kingdom, The Roman Empire, and the Ottoman Empire.
Cites: Petra + Jerash
Castle: Karak + Shoubak + Kharaneh
Palaces: Amra

Inspiration and Faith
Jordan echoes with the stories recorded in the Holy Bible, of Abraham, Job, Moses, Ruth, Elijah, John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, Paul, and many other leading Biblical figures.
Jordan has been blessed with a rich religious history. Located between Mecca, the holiest place on earth for Muslims, and  Jerusalem, which is sacred to each of the three great monotheistic religions. It is also host to the tombs of many of the Prophet Muhammad’s companions, who were martyred and buried there.

Travel Inside
We add a special taste to your journey while traveling by taking you deep inside the Jordanians community to shine and light up our programs and let you understand more cultures and traditions.

– Prepare and dine your Jordanian meal
– Interact with Bedouin life
– Visit special areas and communities

The Levant Cuisine
A large plate of Jordanian mezze (different Cold & Hot Salad) is more than enough to make you feel fall.
– A form of dried yogurt is unique to Jordanian cuisine and the main ingredient in Mansaf the national dish of Jordan and a symbol in Jordanian culture for generosity.
– Another famous meat dish in Southern Jordan especially in the Bedouin Desert area of Petra and Wadi Rum is the Zarb which is prepared in a submerged oven also called a “taboon”. It is considered a delicacy of that area.