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Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities │License No. 11236 Antiquities under National No. │200125786

Member of Jordan Society of Tourism & Travel Agents No.│ 2012/1109

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                                “ Welcome … is said in the Arabic Language as …. “Ahlan Wa Sahlan ” 
Jordan Via Petra Travel & Tours aspiration is derived from our traveler’s experience and LOVE to travel. The high expectation of their journey is our main concern. So, we have a clear vision of mission, and clear goals emanate from our clients’ need and their Love to Travel.
Wondering, what makes Jordan via Petra Travel & Tours different? Let us explain how our success is more than just talk.
Devoted our EXPERT ADVICE and PERSONALIZED SERVICE to TAILOR-MADE PREMIUM HOLIDAYS to give travelers the BEST of a valuable itinerary in Jordan most attraction places and the surrounding countries (Egypt and the Holy Land- Jerusalem -) to expose the hidden beauty of our area.

We are :

– Efficient in our operational process
– Insights into the unknown
– Extremely responsive
– Relationship building and trust-building

By emphasizing our client’s needs, read between the lines, satisfaction, tourism commitments and customer care… YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS.
Why visiting Jordan? Because Jordan has lots inside … … … I read a short description of Jordan in World Travel Guide which says:
“Jordan isn’t all culture and history – and it certainly isn’t all dry deserts. Take the place by the scruff of the neck and shake it: you might be surprised what drops out.”
Jordan via Petra Travel & Tours / Wadi Rum Village.



This nomination will play a pivotal role in increasing the number of new tourists to Jordan to explore this Middle Eastern time-old destination with a modern twist (Amman, Jordan) Tuesday, October 23, 2018 – The world-renowned travel guidebook publisher, Lonely Planet, has named Jordan as a destination that travelers need to visit in 2019. Each …